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Praying Mantis

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

I am studying a devotional on insects with a friend and have found the insect world is fascinating. But not like you think; from a spiritual point of view, the creatures Father God made are fantastic. The Praying Mantis piqued my interest the most because of its staunchness while waiting for its prey. It's a ruthless predator of one to six inches in size. Yet, it remains tranquil until it catches its much larger prey. So what can we learn from this tiny insect?

First, to be still and wait on God to give us answers rather than running our race that is not covered by the blood of Jesus.

Second, Psalm 46; states, "we should be still and know that I am God." What a concept the insect world has learned to acknowledge Father God while it waits for its meal to come after it prays.

Third, Jesus always gives us a heart check-up every second of the day, and we fail the test consistently. Therefore, Jesus has to issue an emergency transfusion of the Holy Spirit to help us get back on track. If we could wait on Jesus Christ to give us answers, then we would not make as many mistakes in our lives.

Lastly, We must keep our eyes open when we pray because the devil is prowling around to see who he can devour. The image that the Mantis can turn its head 180 degrees and see behind him is mind-boggling. So we as Christians need to practice the prayer poise but keep our eyes open and alert to the prowl of Satan. The only reason we close our eyes is to concentrate, but you can focus with your eyes open and still get your prayers to Father God. Remember, HIS eyes are everywhere 24/7, and that is why we need to keep our eyes on Jesus Christ. Read, Just the Edge of God .”

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