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Prayer and the Kingdom of God

Prayer is a powerful force. Prostrating ourselves before Jehovah is the best way to get positive results from Him. Once we allow our Spirit to bend toward the acceptable journey to know Yeshua, we will start living according to the scripture, “You are not far from the Kingdom of God” (Mk 12:34).

We are consumed with our “get it now” version of prayer. We rarely wait for a response from Messiah Yeshua; hence, a prayer that is looming in our hearts is never fully answered by God. I am included in this scenario. I have found that we can all have the correct solution to our prayers if we are still and quiet before Almighty God. Being still is so easily stated but very difficult to accomplish in our mortal bodies: this practice takes time, prayer, silence, and consistent yearning.

We have too many distractions and in-fighting with our Spirit to do or think about life’s chaos. Being quiet and listening to the Holy Spirit speak to us takes time and tenacity, which we all have none. And yes, the excuses come forth like a wave of water - “we have to do this and that,” neglecting the ultimate goal: silence. Consequently, we return to square one with all the sorrow, frustrations, disappointments, abandonment, discouragement, unfulfilled dreams, and heartache.

Take time today to pray and especially pray for others.

Read your Bible this week. In addition, read: Looking Through the Sea of Glass @ardithaprice #bookstagrammer #bookblogger #inspiration #christianblogger #dailydevotional #christian #writer

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