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Who are You?

“For, “Who has known the mind of the Lord so as to instruct him?” But we have the mind of Christ.” 1 Corinthians 2:16 NIV

I asked an individual weeks ago did they know who they were in Christ? The answers I received bewildered me because they were worldly and not godly answers. So I decided to take stock of my own life and found I knew who I was in Christ and had a good understanding of my mission, but I too lacked several vital descriptors to explain my connection to Jesus Christ.

We have become the people we admire and try to emulate the best of what we view and see in our lives from childhood to adulthood. So we have no idea who we are unless we have done a self-analysis of ourselves as Christians or non-committed folks in general. The world influences us, and we have no idea who we are, so that is why so many people become edgy, irritable, angry, unforgiving, spiteful, disobedient, unholy, and ungodly, to name a few descriptors, for we are like a bouquet in a garden waiting to bloom into our full potential. So how do we move ahead and become the people we were born to be in the world?

  • First, study the Word of God, get to know Him, and repent of our sins.

  • Second, move into a new perspective of ourselves and work in our spiritual gifts rather than someone else’s gifts.

  • Third, write down descriptors of who you are in Christ and use Scripture to mold you into a god-filled person.

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